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Giving thanks

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Two weeks ago, the halls of KCC emptied out almost immediately after the bell rang. Students laughed excitedly and rushed to get to their cars so they could get home and start the long-awaited break.

Some students go and visit families in other cities, while others spend hours in the kitchen preparing the feast. Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season, and regardless of how it is spent, traditions abound.

“[My family] always goes to my grandma’s house,” senior Sophie Kieffer said. “She and my aunt always cook and we always have the same dishes every year.”

For Kieffer, Thanksgiving break has been pretty consistent over the years, but for others each year can hold new experiences and new traditions.

For sophomore Cameron Robinson, whose family is from South Africa, Thanksgiving looks a little different from the traditional American holiday.

“We always have untraditional thanksgiving food,” Robinson said. “We once had prawn curry and I ate over 20 prawns and had an allergic reaction.”
For most, Thanksgiving is entirely community-oriented. Spending time with loved ones while enjoying good food. This year, as well as spending the day with family, the senior class spent time serving with their classmates to start the festivities of the day.

“[The run] was just a fun way to do something because sometimes the morning of Thanksgiving is just anticipation and waiting,” senior Sophie Hill said. “I was at a water stand, and [my favorite part] was seeing Ms. Brown.”

Though Thanksgiving looks different for every family, across the country fellowship and togetherness are celebrated amidst a frenzy of food.

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