Hopes are high for Scholars Bowl

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Hopes are high for Scholars Bowl

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At Scholars Bowl tournaments, there are a few types of teams that show up to compete. Some show up in Scholars Bowl uniforms, energy and intensity at a high. To them, winning is the ultimate goal. Other teams are just there to have fun, hang out, and exercise their minds. The Kansas City Christian School Scholars Bowl team would say that they fall into the latter category.

“They’re really fun students. We have quite a bit of fun. Probably more fun than we should have at meets,” coach Greg Owens said. “We don’t really have any expectations. We didn’t win state last year or anything. Anything we do that’s good, we’ll just build off of that next year.”

That’s not to say, however, that the team hasn’t had their share of wins. At their first match, they took third place; at at their second match, they won the semifinals and took second place. The team’s laidback attitude allows them to chill out, have fun, and support each other through thick and thin. This supportive atmosphere is a great breeding ground for a successful team.

“We support each other and laugh through our mistakes,” senior Abby Swafford said, “We really enjoy each other’s company! No one is super intense, and we all get along great.”

This year is Owens’ first year coaching the team, and he is optimistic about the season. This year the team has several specialists: competitors who are especially knowledgeable in one category. Senior Helen Sun specialises in math, senior Jamie Fogel specialises in history and geography, senior Abby Swafford, who is fluent in Spanish, specialises in language, and senior Sophie Hill specialises in the ancient world, specifically Greek mythology.

“The first time I went to a varsity meet was sophomore year at Maranatha. I was terrified, sitting on the end with four upperclassmen boys. They asked a question about the goddess of the harvest in Greek mythology. I thought that was pretty basic, so I buzzed so fast the judge thought it was a mistake,” Hill said.

During tournaments, the teams compete 5 on 5, meaning some of each team sits on the sidelines. Alternates can be switched in between rounds. The rounds consist of 16 questions and move quickly. When specialists are in their element, the results are exciting. If a student is sitting out and a question for their specialty is asked, it can be very frustrating.

“Almost every time you have a player sit out, they end up knowing at least half the questions asked that round,” Hill said, “It is the most frustrating thing about playing.”

As of right now, Scholars Bowl has around 2 months until their next meet, and are on a bit of a hiatus, but will continue to practice in the meantime. Owens hopes to acquire more questions for their practice rounds, and to make more memories and traditions with the team, such as their current tradition of going to QuikTrip at every meet.

As a school, Kansas City Christian has done well competitively thus far this year, with the cross country team competing at state, and the Girls Tennis team winning their state competition. After so many early successes, Owens hopes Scholars Bowl is next.

Owens calls out to passing tennis coach Brian Miller, “We’re gonna give Girls Tennis a run [for their money] at state!”

Scholars Bowl’s next meet will take place in January.