Panthers, let’s fight!

Kayley Forshey, Co-Editor

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KCC’s first pep rally of the year

As students walk into the school gym, excited cheerleaders pass out raffle tickets. Seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen all scurry to find their seats as Athletic Director Josh Poteet, along with KCC’s mascot, the Panther, grabs a microphone to start the rally.  KCC’s first pep rally of the year, on Friday, Sept 13, was filled with enthusiastic students, peppy cheerleaders, and lots of school spirit.

“It was a good start for the year, the band played very well and the cheerleaders did a good job,” Bible teacher Allan Chugg said. “It would have been nice to have before a big game.”

The rally started off with the introductions of all fall sports, a dance by the high school cheer squad, and then a raffle. If a student’s raffle number was called, they could choose a varsity soccer player to make a goal for them, and if the goal was made, that student would win a Quik Trip gift card.

“I wasn’t expecting it. I was just holding my little ticket ,and they said my numbers and Anna says, ‘That’s you!’” junior Brooke Robertson said. “So I went down there. I wanted to win a Quik Trip card, but I didn’t because Jake failed me, but it’s okay.”

So far, there are three other pep rallies on the school calendar.

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