Basketball seniors make the most of one last season

The High School girls run through a drill with Coach Jason Martin during practice.

The High School girls run through a drill with Coach Jason Martin during practice.

This year on both the girls and boys high school basketball teams, there is only one senior per team. The only senior on the boys’ team is Noah Tally, and the only senior on the girls’ team is Mallory Mong. . The boys varsity coach is Adam Runyan, also a high school history teacher, and the girls team varsity, and only, team is coached by Jason Martin.

Tally says that some of the skills the team will be working on are quick transitions, running a lot, and beating teams down the floor. Mong said that coach Martin has communicated a goal for the girls varsity to come together and bond as a team,

“He wants to work on becoming a team since there is a lot of new blood and he wants to make this season fun,” Mong said.

Tally is excited for people coming to the games.

“I like the home games a lot, the Friday night home games – a lot of people come to those,” Tally said.

Mong is excited to have one last season with some of her close friends on the team, like Junior Camile Hardt, whose older sister Paige played with Mong on the team until she graduated last year.

“My goal for the season is to spend time with the people on my team and get to know them better,” Mong said, ”I’m super excited to hang out with Camile. I am really grateful there’s a Hardt on the team, because I’ve had one ever since I’ve been on the team.”

Both seniors knows this season won’t be easy, but they want to enjoy their last time playing basketball for KCC.

“If you don’t have fun then it’s kind of pointless,” Tally said,” Not all of it’s going to be fun, but I’m just going to try to make the most of it.”

Mong also wants to make the most of her last season.

“I’m excited to spend time with people in the time that I have left.”