Taylor Swift’s “reputation” explained

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Taylor Swift’s “reputation” explained

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Taylor Swift’s highly-anticipated album reputation has many fans excited as her long-awaited return has finally arrived. After being silent for years and wiping her social medias clean of content, Swift has finally made her full return and it has fans ecstatic.

“I really like [reputation]. I think it has a good mixture of her past albums, but I still feel like it’s way different than what she’s had before.” senior Ella Ochs said.

Swift’s new album is noticeably different from her previous works. Reputation is the first response from Swift on many recent conflicts in her complicated life in the spotlight. Fans looked forward to great emotion from Swift through her songs.

“I stayed up until midnight every time she released a new single,” freshman Catherine Gunnigle said, “I think it’s a straight slapper, lot of good songs, some are more vibing, but a lot are pretty good, pretty solid.”

After dropping the viral single “Look What You Made Me Do”, fans were ready for Taylor’s return. However, she didn’t stop with only one song, but instead gave fans five out of fifteen songs on the album pre-release. Dropping them at midnight throughout October gave fans something to wait for and anticipate.

“It was kind of weird, because she dropped five singles before the album and most artists don’t do that,” Ochs said, “It surprised everyone.”

Reputation is both the name of the album and a recurring theme throughout her songs. She makes it clear that the drama surrounding her has changed her into a new person. This reputation is the accumulation of what the media has made of her by emphasizing her many breakups, and infamous feud with Kanye West. Swift addresses how she believes West backstabbed her by exposing a private phone call after thinking they were friends, mainly in the song “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”

“We’re [going to] see a very different Taylor in the future,” Gunnigle said.

Taylor has made it clear that the “old Taylor” is officially dead, and the “new Taylor” is going to own herself and not care about the media and false reputations she is given. This is illustrated through her songs as she expresses her deep feelings to a rhythmic, techno-pop beat.

“She’s proven a point and showed that she’s not this person who you can just push around and say all these things about,” Ochs said,  “She’s strong and she’s going to defend herself. She’s just changed.”