They’re off to see the wizard!

This past weekend concluded this school years fall musical, The Wizard of Oz, directed by Leah Miller. All the nights spent at the school until midnight, dress rehearsals in sweltering hot costumes, and painted faces came together to create a magical show for the KCC students, friends, and family of the cast.

The cast for this musical required many differing roles and fortunately, KCC has both distinguished directors as well as excited and willing protegés. Both positions are necessary to complete a production with such precision and grace to complete a production of this size.

“[Being student director] was a really good experience because I’ve been in the plays before but] it’s nice to see what’s it’s like behind the scenes and all the hard work that goes into putting a good show together,” junior Rachel Rigler said.

Live musicals and plays at KCC are always thrilling. With friends on stage who have worked hours and hours to simulate a fake reality is what the audience is yearning for when purchasing tickets for the show. The work that goes into everything on stage is just as important as backstage as senior Jamie Fogel shares his experience.

“[Being stage manager] was lots of fun, super stressful, but we got it done. We constantly had cues to [meet], and doing the smoke machine, the screen, and pulling the curtain [was stressful].” Fogel said. “Being able to watch the show from a different perspective than everyone else was fun.”

As the lights dim and people are getting seated, trying to get the best possible view, the curtains draw and open to reveal the lit up stage and set built by KCC’s very own theatre department. The directors get to finally see what they have all worked so hard for, had so much fun with, and now get to share with friends and family.

“The most fun part about being the student director was being able to hang out with everyone during rehearsal,” Rigler said, “and having fun with the cast.”