Teacher throwback: Mr. Turner

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Teacher throwback: Mr. Turner

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Q: Where did you go to high school?

A: I went to Manhattan High School.

Q: Where was this?

A: Surprisingly enough, it was in Manhattan, Kansas.

Q: What classes were your favorite?

A: Human Anatomy was one of my [favorites], and then actually Spanish was one of my favorite ones.

Q: What activities did you do?

A: I did Basketball and Soccer.

Q: What is one thing you did to be rebellious or in spite of your parents?

A: I wasn’t too rebellious, but one time, not really in spite of my parents, but I went streaking one time down the street. I wore just my boxers, but we got in trouble by the military police.

Q: What is one thing you regret doing in high school?

A: [Me and my friends] were camping one time on my buddy’s land, and for whatever reason we thought it would be cool to try to scare some of our friends that were down this cliff over by the campfire by throwing rocks. We accidentally threw a rock and hit one of them in the head and he ended up going to the hospital to get stitches in his head. I kind of regret throwing rocks at somebody.

Q: What is one trend you liked when you were in high school and want to make a comeback?

A: In my friend group, we were really into DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), the video game and I also liked hemp necklaces, a little choker action.

Q: What is one trend that you didn’t like when you were in high school?

A: White shoes were a big deal, so like K-Swiss and short socks. That was really stupid.

Q: What is some advice you have for current high schoolers?

A: Be okay with being different and being unique.

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