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Operation Midnight status: success

Students enjoy the night with their classmates

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Operation Midnight status: success

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Last Saturday night, students packed into the gym at KCC. The walls were covered with playing cards, and the characters “007” hung from the ceiling of the stage, creating an exciting atmosphere for the third annual KCC Homecoming, “Operation Midnight.”

STUCO worked all day Friday, decorating the walls, setting up the dance floor, and making sure everything was perfect and ready for the night to come.

“Seeing everyone’s reactions really just brought a sense of fulfillment,” STUCO Co-President Jess Steggerda said, “I understood that all of our hard work paid off in the end.”

The night started with some heavy raining and a state Girls Tennis win, but students didn’t let the rain stop them from enjoying the night. Though the rain skewed some groups plans for the night, students adapted their plans, making memories as they went.

“I think my favorite part was probably when we had to find a restaurant because our reservation got all messed up,” senior Kathryn Jones said, “It was just us thinking on our feet and finding a place for our group to land and eat dinner.”

For many students, the dance was a perfect place to spend time with their friends, dancing and singing along to the musical stylings of DJ, previous English teacher Micah Conkling.

“It was really fun to have Mr. Conkling back DJing for us,” Steggerda said, “That made a lot of people happy, including myself, and it was super fun to dance and to talk to everyone and enjoy the night.”

After the dance, students left KCC headed to their perspective after-parties, where they could spend more time with their grades.

“The after-party, just hanging out with all the freshmen, was the best part,” freshman Aiden Bunner said.

Homecoming was a perfect night for all students, allowing them to spend time with friends, hang out with their class, and dance to all their favorite songs.

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