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Homecoming Court out on the court

Moore asks the court about which Disney Prince or Princess they would Date.

Moore asks the court about which Disney Prince or Princess they would Date.

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This past Thursday, the homecoming court was announced at the annual homecoming pep rally along with games based on the spirit day’s theme: Disney.

The court this year is composed of four senior boys and five senior girls. The boys, Gabe Reid, Ian Ko, Ethan Buresh, and Josh Kuchera, were announced by coach Jared Barker. The girls, Helen Sun, Annelise Madderom, Jessica Steggerda, Anna Vialle, and Abby Swafford, were announced by teacher Kelsey Moore.

“It felt pretty good and felt unexpected” Reid said.

Along with the court announcement, there was a name-that-song competition to do with the spirit theme. In the game, a song from a Disney movie is played, and whoever hits the drum first and answers with the song title and film of origin receives a point. The first to three points wins.  

The middle school had their match with a participant from each of the three grades, with Caleb Barker winning.

In the high school, the four grades were divided into two brackets: senior versus freshman and sophomore versus junior, with the winner of each facing off. First, senior Gabe Reid and freshman Grace LaGue faced off with LaGue progressing to the final round. Next, junior Hannah Denne and sophomore Kate Harrison competed, with Denne progressing to the finals. The final round pitted Denne against LaGue with Denne winning the final round. Denne went into a bonus round against Barker, the winner of the middle school match. Denne won that match as well, and was crowned the KCC “Queen of Disney” by Stuco Co-President, Ian Ko.

“It was really fun because usually I don’t participate in pep rallies, but literally one of my only skills is being able to recognize a disney song in the first two seconds” Denne said. “I think it comes from how I listen to Disney music way too much for a seventeen year old.”

A contest for best outfit of the day occurred between crowd-selected candidates from each grade. The candidates, freshman Phaedra Kirby, sophomore Abigail Schraeder, junior Megan Hutcheson, and senior Nolen Wright, were then voted on based on cheering from the crowd with Wright winning.

“I was really proud because I’d put a lot of effort into it and also just happy that my friends had enjoyed my costume as much as I did” Hutcheson said.

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