Group chat phobia

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Group chat phobia

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I am in roughly 10 active GroupMe group chats related to school, and I barely send texts in any of them. I have group chat phobia.

When active, there is something about all the people sending messages at once that gives me a rush of anxiety. Topics change constantly in chats, so it’s stressful when you type up a message and contemplate if you should or shouldn’t send it. The time for the text to be relevant and on-topic passes very fast.

I understand that group chats are efficient in the sense that they inform everyone of what is going on at school, or what homework due the next day. But there are always those people who have conversations in the group chats, and even though no one else is contributing to the conversation they do not move to a private group message. This just causes too many unnecessary notifications.

You can silence group chats, but if you forget to check them on a regular basis you will miss out on important information.

I think what contributes to group chat phobia is who’s in the group chat. If the group chat has 20 people who I don’t really know, I’m more likely I’m not going to talk or be wary of my message will be if I send one. If it’s a small group chat with 5-6 of my closest friends I feel more free to respond or text anything.

Group chat phobia is a real thing, and I think a lot of people have it, which is why a lot of group chats remain silent or not a lot of messages are sent.

I think it really shows how as a generation we’re really cautious of what we say and we don’t like to make affirmative statements in front of large groups of people. You could always stay in those small group chats instead of the bigger ones, or you could take initiative and be that person who makes the plans and says what needs to be said. Truthfully I think we all have some form of group chat phobia, we’re all scared of each other together, all it takes is one person.

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