Boys varsity soccer beats KC East

Goalie and team captain senior Michael Holst gets ready to punt the ball.

Goalie and team captain senior Michael Holst gets ready to punt the ball.

George Beatty, Staff Writer

On Sept. 17, the KCC varsity boys soccer team won 3-1 against the KC East Lions.

The team played mainly defense during the game, only occasionally striking up-field, but with force and precision.

“I think we were trying to make sure that we did not get scored on rather than attacking,” Head Coach Allan Chugg said. “We react to the other team rather than asserting our will on the other team.”

Despite winning the game, Chugg thinks that the team needs to play more offensively, keeping pressure on the other team, instead of relying on the defense.

Goalie and co-team captain Michael Holst played exceptionally well, precisely blocking shots from KC East’s forwards.

The first goal was scored partway into the first half of the match by sophomore Ben Pivovar. Pivovar fought past one of the opposite team’s defensive backs and popped the ball in behind the goalie. Shortly after, Pivovar almost scored another goal from the left goal post on a corner kick.

Near the end of the half, Holst narrowly blocked a goal by managing to just barely scrape the ball out the way with his glove, eventually reaching co-captain senior Josh Kuchera.

The KCC Panthers lead at the half 1-0.

The second half went on much like the first, with KCC playing mostly defense. However two more goals were scored, one by junior Cooper Rovenstine and another by Pivovar.

Pivovar managed to get past the defensive backs and clashed with the goalie, both of them being knocked to the ground. However, Pivovar managed to get up and take a shot moments before the defenders caught up to him, making the third goal of the night.

“As soon as I hit him the ball went past him so he was behind me” Pivovar said. “I was just trying to get it into the goal as fast as I could.”

In the last ten seconds, KC East got a penalty kick and scored making the score 3-1.

While it was not a conference game, it still counts toward the team’s regional seating, which will help the team reach the state competition.

“State is definitely possible… we have guys that are definitely willing to work and have the right attitude, we just got to learn how to play together” Holst said.  “One thing Mr. Chugg says a lot is the team has to be greater than the sum of its parts and we have to come together and make that reality.”