Fall musical cast list announced


Lunchtime at KCC on Sept. 17th kept students full of suspense as they waited patiently in classrooms for drama teacher Brian Miller to walk down the empty halls and post the dream fulfilling cast list, for the upcoming fall musical “The Wizard of Oz”, up on the pin board outside the high school office. As a single person spots Miller posting it, students flock to the list to confirm their predictions of the roles cast upon themselves and of their friends. Soon everyone has gotten word that the list was up and it was utter chaos in the hallway as students reached for their phones to take pictures and text family. Hugs were given and calls were made as the anticipation was finally fulfilled.

The few weeks prior to the list being posted auditions and call backs were help by Miller and his wife, the director of the musical, Leah Miller. Rehearsing lines and practicing vocals was a common sight to see outside of Miller’s room before students entered to pour their hearts out for a spot in the musical.  

Now that the list is out and roles were cast, Miller talks about how big of a role seniors play in the production of the musical and how they will impact it.

“I hope it goes really well, we put a lot on senior leadership and there’s a reason we do that, they know how to manage their time better so therefore when we put seniors in charge we usually get a pretty good show.” Miller said. “I have high hopes for them and we did some alternative casting like [senior] Jessica [Steggerda] as scarecrow which isn’t done a lot and I think it’s going to be fun to watch and see how we do it.”

As students now have their roles, costumes will be decided and dances will be choreographed. The hard part is over for most and now the hard work and fun begins. Late nights spent at KCC, rehearsing until midnight the nights before the show, and growing closer as a cast is what this musical intends to bring. “The Wizard of Oz” will be ready to showcase to students, staff, friends, and family Nov. 9-11.