Teacher Throwback: Mr. Johnson

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Teacher Throwback: Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson with a video camera in high school.

Mr. Johnson with a video camera in high school.

Mr. Johnson with a video camera in high school.

Mr. Johnson with a video camera in high school.

George Beatty, Staff Writer

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Q:Where did you go to high school?

A: “Center High School”

Q:Where is that?

A: “It’s in Kansas City Missouri 8715 Holmes Road”

Q:Were you a morning person or night person?

A: “Morning”

Q:Why is that?

A: “I’ve always been able to get up early and I’ve never enjoyed staying up late. If I stay up late, I’ll get a second wind and I’m good for another three or four hours but most of the time I just hit the wall. Even when I was younger I hit the wall around 10 o’clock and go to bed, but if I didn’t and I stayed up past eleven I’d get my second wind and I could last a lot longer.”

Q:What was your group of friends like?

A: “I really had lived two different lives in high school, one was before I became a Christian and one was after I became a Christian.”

Q:What was your life like before you were Christian?

A: “I had no friends, I was very lonely. I was bullied. I was a new student. So, I didn’t run around with anybody. I was a loner.”

Q:What was it like after you became a Christian?

A: “I went to Young Life camp the summer after my sophomore year and made friends there. So when we came back, we stayed together and met weekly in a small group bible study.”

Q:Was your experience at the camp what made you Christian?

A: “Yeah, for the first time I heard the gospel. I heard about Jesus dying for me and how God wanted to have a relationship with me, and I never heard that before.

Q:Afterwards you weren’t lonely necessarily because you became popular, you were not lonely anymore because you had friends that were christians that you could talk to?

A: “Yeah, that’s right.”

Q:What would you do for fun?

A: “We would go to football games and then afterwards go to this church youth center called the 5th Quarter, were kids from all over Kansas City would hang out after football games and just watch movies, hang out, and play games.”

Q:What classes did you enjoy?

A: ”Typing, that’s what they called it back then. They didn’t call it Keyboard, it was typing on machines, on electric typewriters.”

Q:What about the class did you enjoy?

A: ”The teacher was really, really good looking.”

Q:What classes didn’t you enjoy?

A: “I did not enjoy math. I just wasn’t very good at it.”

Q:Were you more focused on school work or social life or something else?

A: ”Let’s say there was a balance. I was pretty much a mess in high school though. I didn’t know what the heck was going on.”

Q:Looking back, do you like the way you were during high school?

A: “No, on the flip side of being a mess, I wouldn’t have changed it for anything because I had great friends, great experiences, I learned to love the Lord, I learned about Christian community. So I really wouldn’t change a thing. I liked my experience in high school.”

Q:What do you regret the most about high school?

A: “I regret how I treated some people. I wasn’t very nice to some people. I broke up with girlfriends badly.”

Q:What about those situations didn’t you handle correctly?

A: “I didn’t call [girlfriends] back, didn’t write her [girlfriends] letters, started going out with other girls before I told her [girlfriends] to take off.”

Q: Did you think you would go on to pursue the career you are in now?

A: “I had no idea what I was going to do. My whole career in education was, I wouldn’t say an accident, I think God knew what he was doing. It’s a good thing he knew what he was doing because I didn’t. If it was an accident I would be really lucky.”

Q:When did you decide you would do that career?

A: “Once I was in it, I knew I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. That is, be in education”

Q:Were you already out of college at the point you decided on this career?

A: “I was already a few years into teaching when I realized that this was I was supposed to be doing. This was where god wanted me”

Q:So you went to college for teaching?

A: “I actually changed my major a couple of times in college. I started in business then dropped out for a semester and then just started taking classes that I enjoyed and it wound up being physical education classes and education.”

Q: Where were you educated?

A: “University of Missouri-Kansas City”

Q: What degrees did you get?

A: “I got a bachelor’s in education and an master’s in counseling”

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