Boys soccer kicks off the season


Varsity Boys Soccer team gathers during an intense game.

Hannah Breth, Staff Writer

Four games into the season, and the boys Varsity soccer team has two wins under their belt. After beating both Turner and Maranatha, the team has proved  themselves as a team to watch this season.

The boys anticipate their first regular game after playing in the Fat Cat Tournament last week. This year, a central focus for the team is building chemistry and learning to play together.

“[I’m] working on my skill and growing closer to other people,” sophomore Andrew Brannon said. “It’s just a bonding experience.”

The team has been practicing for about a month now, and working everyday towards adapting to the new dynamic. Both the Varsity and JV teams have been working on learning to play as a united force.

“We’re getting used to each other and building chemistry,” junior Hudson Young said. “It’s different with a lot of people gone.”

Practice is a crucial time for the boys to hone in on skills specific to their position. Sophomore Andrew Brannon gave a rundown of preparation for daily practices.

“Usually we start out with a warm up and we stretch,” Brannon said. “Then we do little drills at the beginning just to get ready for practice.”

A favorite part of practice for many of the boys is scrimmaging at the end. This part of practice allows them to work on plays and prepare for upcoming games.

“Scrimmaging is a lot of fun,” freshman Tyler Mitchell said. “It helps us to just get better at soccer and work our positions.”

Although the team likes to have fun together, they hope to do more than that this season.

“I hope to at least continue to win some games and work hard enough so we can build our chemistry even more and so we can accomplish our goal, no pun intended!” Young said.