Kickin’ off fall sports


Teacher and tennis coach Brian Miller intrudes his players to the crowd.

Olivia Price, Print Editor

On the night of August 18th, the air in the school smelled like burgers and hotdogs, and it was filled with the squeals and shouts of kids running all over the gym. Parents sat in the bleachers and talked, everyone waiting for the main event to start.

Last Friday at the Booster Club’s Fall Sports Kickoff, the beginning of the boy’s soccer, girl’s tennis, girl’s volleyball, and girl’s/boy’s Cross Country seasons were celebrated with an all-school event in the gymnasium. Volunteers grilled out and cooked burgers and hot dogs for families, while the booster club sold new spirit wear in the hallway right outside the gym.

Senior and cheerleader Abby Swafford enjoyed the bond forged by having a meal with her team,

“I enjoyed hanging out with my team and eating dinner before we performed. I felt like it gave us some chill time,” Swafford said .

After everyone had settled into the gym with plates of food in hand, the cheerleaders performed, and then the teams lined up and were called up individually by athletic director Josh Poteet.

Hudson Young, a Junior, enjoyed being recognized alongside the rest of the boy’s soccer team.

“I thought it helped bring all the teammates closer as their names were called out, and it got the parents to see who’s on the team and who the coaches are,” Young said.

Following the players’ introduction, all the sports teams were mixed together, split into two, large teams, and then were told to stand on one end of the gym. Then the two teams participated in a relay using sports equipment from all the different sports.

Although the event did raise money for the booster club, It’s main purpose was to get everyone in the school excited to come and support fall sports.

Ryan Jantsch, a Senior and a tennis player, felt like it did exactly that.

“It introduced the sports teams so they know who to root for, basically it just pumps everyone up for the season,”Jantsch said.