Teacher Throwback: Greg Owens

A yearbook photo of Owens from High School.

A yearbook photo of Owens from High School.

George Beatty, Staff Writer

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Q:Where did you grow up?

A:“St. Joseph Missouri”

Q:What was your group of friends like/did you have friends?

A:“Most of us were athletic, [we] just hung out a lot. There was not much to do in St. Joe. We usually just went to somebody’s house, and hung out on the weekends, and tried to not get caught doing stuff.”

Q:What classes did you enjoy?

A:“I liked P.E. and I liked Art and I liked Lunch.”

Q:What things in high school changed you as a person?

A:“I do not know If I changed very much from freshman to senior year. I was pretty immature and goofy all four years. I did not start changing and actually growing up until after school.”

Q:What was the most important thing you learned in high school?

A:“The value of good friends”

Q:What is the best advice you can give high schoolers now?

A:“Don’t wish it [youth] away, just enjoy it… the future will happening it’s time just enjoy the now and don’t focus too much on the next goal, just enjoy the journey.”

Q:What rebellious teenage activities did you do?

A:“We partied a lot, unfortunately.”

Q:What did you do to spite your parents?

A:“I unfortunately did, I lied a lot about were I was. I Shouldn’t have but I did.”

Q:How important did you see school as?

A:“Because I was so immature at the time, I just saw it as a nuisance.”

Q:What do you regret the most about high school?

A:“[I regret] most of the dating relationships I was in, and how I treated other people.”

Q:What was your faith like in high school?

A:“I didn’t really have any. I went to church, but I only went because my parents made me. I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus at all. I was just in a really bad place spiritually in high school.”

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