App of the month: Soon

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App of the month: Soon

Hannah Breth, Staff Writer

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Social media is super popular among basically everyone, but most social media apps are pretty much the same. Sometimes I even get bored of seeing the same kinds of things from the same people. One new app, “Soon,” is all about helping you to plan things and coordinate events with friends.

The app seems to be the events portion of Facebook on a larger scale. It’s a great fit for people who like to have everything planned out. I really like it because I like being organized and having all of my calendar events in one place. The only drawback is that your friends have to download the app and commit to using it too, which may be hard with Facebook already available. The thing that made this app hard for me personally was that none of my friends wanted to download it and use it because we can just use Facebook. Though the app has its own qualities, it does have a very similar feel.

The first thing I noticed about the app is that it has a setup similar to that of Instagram and Twitter. There is a feed page, a featured page, a page where you can search for events, a notifications page, and a page where you can view your own profile. With the layout being similar to popular apps,  it was pretty easy to figure out quickly. You can even search for events near you, and there is an option to send them to your friends, or to say that you are going to the event.


Something that is unique to the app is that once you create the event, you can send it to certain people or even copy the link to other social media platforms. I like this aspect because it creates a way for you to share your events and the app with other people through your other apps. I think that “Soon” is really helpful to keep people connected and aware of events going on around them.

Another aspect specific to the app is the “leaderboard”. The leaderboard shows the users with the most followers or people attending their events. This aspect of the app isn’t really important to me, because I would only need it to communicate with friends about events, unless I was trying to plan a larger scale event. I do like this part of the app because it can help you to find larger scale events near you such as parades, concerts, firework shows, drive-in movies, basically anything you’d want to do on a weekend.

“Soon” is a great app to help you stay connected with friends and plan fun events. It is really convenient because it puts all of your events in one place and allows you to quickly plan things with friends. If you’re looking for an app that helps you to keep organized, connect with friends, and plan and find fun things to do, then “Soon” may just be your next favorite app.

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