Character outfits


Hannah Denne, Staff Writer

In most cartoons, characters wear the same outfit every single day. If you were in a cartoon, or perhaps just in a world where repeating outfits on the daily is acceptable, what outfit would you wear way too much?

Two students from each grade picked out a “character outfit” and talked some about how their style reflects their personality.


“Each piece that I’m wearing is from a different place. So, my pants and shirt are from a Japanese brand that I got in Indonesia, so that’s kind of my Asian heritage and how that affects my style. My headband is just a bandana. I was born on a farm, my family is from a farm in western Kansas.”

– Gigi Schraeder, Freshman

“I’ve gone to KCC for a long time, so I’ve always had to follow the dress code. This is kind of reflective of [the fact that] I’ve always had to wear something like this, so I’m just kind of comfortable in it now.”

– Noah Buresh, Freshman

“I kind of dress different, or I try to dress different. But I also try to dress simple, so nothing too crazy.”

– Zion Bohlender, Sophomore

“I like the flowiness of this outfit, I don’t like tighter stuff. Sometimes I do, but I’d much rather go for a flowy thing. Like when I wear my dresses, they’re a little bit more fitted on top and then flare out at the bottom, I like the spin of it, it’s fun! And a lot of the time I wear sweaters, because I’m always cold, so I feel like that kind of represents me.”

– Alex Gulin, Sophomore

“I wear a lot of bright colors, or bright accents, and I feel like that kind of reflects my personality cause I’m kind of bubbly. J.Crew is my inspiration.”

– Abby Swafford, Junior

“I get most of my clothes at secondhand stores honestly. I’ve had this shirt for, like, four years, and it’s really stretched out and has a bunch of holes in it. I just wear clothes until they’re in half.”

– Cooper Mumford, Junior

“I wore this Adidas sweatshirt and these shoes because I really like vintage Adidas stuff. It’s kind of laid back and chill, I guess! This is from Urban Outfitters, but I also like to get Adidas stuff from places like Savers and City Thrift.”

– Avery Moore, Senior

“I picked out the running outfit, and running is kind of what I do every day, every week. I feel like it’s a good place for me to escape and recuperate, recharge, and build my strength emotionally and physically. That’s a huge aspect of me. I also feel like I have a better connection with God, because I get to be away from all of the distractions and just contemplate.”