Track Preview: Keeping and eye out for the 4 by 800 and new runners

Jessica Steggerda, Staff Writer

Bustling with runners, javelin throwers, and pole vaulters, the parking lot has become the meeting place for the track team after school.

The track season has recently kicked off, and several things stand out.

Out of all the events this season, the one to watch for is going to be the boys 4 by 800. The relay team has gone to State for the event the past few years although the relay team is only returning one runner. Senior Luke Rovenstine is the front runner for the 4 by 800, having competed in it since freshman year.

“I am most excited for the 4 by 8 relay. It’s going to be awesome. We have a very promising team. Me, [junior] Cooper Mumford, and [junior] Kyle Sykes are the three leading runners and we’re looking for a fourth runner,” Rovenstine said. “So, I am really excited for that, it is a tradition. We always go to State and we always place.”

Both Mumford and Sykes have been doing extra work for the upcoming season.

“Kyle Sykes has been incredibly fast, like this last weekend he worked really hard. Yesterday he ran up with me at the front of the pack the entire time,” Rovenstine said. “So he really, really wants to win and go to State in the 4 by 8, so he would be the most promising runner I think.”

There are also many new students participating in track this year. Senior Maya Mastin has a lot of hope for freshman Kate Harrison.

“I think Kate…is really fast and it will be interesting to watch her and see what she does,” Mastin said.

As a smaller team this year, Mastin is hoping they can become close with team bonding activities. The team is also hopeful they will be able to compete in State this year.

“Obviously to go to State and place at State is always our dream. Also to do really well in Regionals, to not only go to State in the 4 by 800 but also get some individual races in there. We have never really done that as a team and it would be awesome to get a couple races in at State, not just one,” Rovenstine said.

The first track meet is on the same day as Powderpuff and Old Spice: March 31.

“[It is at] Central Heights, which is a fun meet because you can do mediocre and you will still do good,” Mastin said.