Meme of the Week: Top Ten

Michael Holst, Staff Writer


This meme is the perfect combination of a funny picture, a clever caption, a slight jabbing at everything that got canceled because of the ice storm that never was, and it was a recent event which made me laugh.


This picture would be funny without a caption, because it has great crowd reactions, but this caption fits the picture perfectly and is very funny.


I’m not sure why this picture was taken, but this meme is hilarious. Everyone has either been burned by Mr. Williams at some point. It takes some cooling down.


This may be the most relatable meme I’ve ever seen. Everyone understands the disappointment when you realize that you have to wait another half hour to eat your food. You count down the minutes for fifth hour to end, but then you realize it’s monday. You just want to go eat lunch.


This is a clever caption on a funny picture that brings you back to your childhood. Every kid played this game at some point and remembers how much fun it was.


This is funny partly because it’s Mr. Poteet making a funny face, but the caption also fits really well. This may be something that happens more in middle school than high school, but friends will not leave you alone about your crush.


Another instance of humor at Mr. Williams expense. This is how everyone reacts when a teacher, specifically Mr. Williams in this case, doesn’t answer your question.


Mr. Chugg is a funny man and he is making a very funny face in this picture. It’s always interesting to see what you got on your first paper because sometimes you have no idea how you did.


Who doesn’t like to laugh at alumni like Luke Gromer? This is also a very fitting caption for this photo. It looks like Gromer has met his match with this limbo bar.


This can be very annoying. Why would your friends do you like that? When you see your best friends in the hallway, you want to talk to them about the test last hour or the crazy thing that one of your teachers did. It’s frustrating when they just snub you like that.

*To remain unbiased, I did not include any of my personal memes in this list. If you would like to see the memes that I have created, click on this link and look for “Meme of the Week”