Basketball teams are successful at McLout tournament

The buzzer goes off with the girls basketball team down by three points.

Game over… Until it wasn’t.

Senior Callie Eldred was fouled on a three point shot and made all three free throws to send the game into overtime.

Later in overtime, the girls were down by two points with just seconds to go. They needed to score again, and with five seconds left, Eldred does it again.

She is fouled on a two point shot and makes both free throws extend the game into a double-overtime.

Then the roles are switched. As time expired to end double-overtime with the score still tied, Eldred fouls a player from Riverside who made a game-ending free throw.

The girls lost a long and exciting game by one point after time expired in double-overtime.

“[The tournament] went really well, especially the double-overtime game,” sophomore Carly Connealy said. “It was really frustrating when we lost because we were so close, but it was a good time to see where we need to improve.”

The girls ended up placing fourth in the tournament, only winning one game.

“We played really well and we were really close in all of the games,” Connealy said. “It was fun hanging out and watching the guys play.”

The boys team had a pretty successful showing at the tournament, and ended up getting second place. However, they were handed their first loss of the season in the championship game by Seabury.

“Losing to Seabury was the worst part of the tournament,” senior Davis Gunnigle said. “It was very disappointing; we weren’t making very many shots, but it showed us what we need to work on.”

Gunnigle was selected to the all-tournament team, but he seemed unimpressed.

“That really didn’t mean anything to me because we didn’t win,” Gunnigle said.