10 things to do over Christmas break


Mallory Mong, Staff Writer

Go Ice Skating:

Ice skating is a fun activity you can do with young kids or older adults, that can also a great workout! Ice skating only happens once a year and it is the perfect time to create memorable moments with friends or family!


What’s better to get you into the Christmas Spirit then to bake your favorite cookies? Baking will fill your house with the smells of Christmas and the desserts are great gifts to give away. You can share all the baked goods with your friends and family.

Watch Christmas movies:

Christmas movies are the best way to get you back into the holiday spirit and are perfect for binge watching over the long break.

Make a gingerbread house:

Making a gingerbread house is a tradition for many families where they decorate and spend time together.

Build a snowman:

It only snows a few times a year so you want to make the most of it while it lasts. Building a snowman encourages creativity, teaches teamwork and is a great bonding experience.

Go sledding:

Sledding is a beloved childhood pastime that is a fun way to get exercise and have fun with friends or family.

Make hot chocolate:

It’s chilly during the winter season, so hot chocolate is a great way to warm you up during the cold weather.

Get Christmas gifts for friends and family:

You always feel better once you’ve done something for someone else, like buying them presents or making home made gifts.

Go Christmas Caroling:

Caroling is the best way to spread joy and build relationships within your community during the holiday season.

Hang out with your family:

Holidays are meant to be spent with your family so spending time with them can be a great way to create quality memories to look back on later.