App of the month: Houseparty


Christmas break is about to happen, which means you might not be seeing your friends every day. I know, tragic. Houseparty just might be the app for you.

The best way to explain the app is that it’s basically FaceTime on steroids but with much less pressure.

This app allows a person to video chat with multiple people at a time in a very simple layout. It’s really easy to use, from the simplicity of adding friends, to the three straightforward choices you need to make while video chatting. The choices are the following: muting the mic, switching the camera, and locking the room.

With Houseparty, you can get on the app and it sends out notifications to your friends that you’re online. While on there, you can see who else is online and join in on their video chat. Even if you have only one friend in a chatroom, you can join that chat and potentially meet new friends.

This past weekend I was experimenting with it and while video chatting with two friends, one of those friend’s friends joined. It gave me a whole new insight to the abilities to the app. You could use it to make new friends and that’s exactly what I’ve done a few times.

It’s a really chill app that allows you to hang out with your friends without physically hanging out with them. One time I watched my friend, Emma, water her plants and another time I met my friend’s grandpa.

It’s very inclusive because it allows many people to join in the chat, with the maximum amount of people allowed in one chat being eight.

Although Houseparty is a great app to chat with multiple friends at once, it drained my battery fairly fast when I wasn’t connected to Wi-Fi. Other than that, I’m probably going to be using this app a lot more from now-when my phone is plugged into a charger.