App of the month: Monument Valley

App of the month: Monument Valley

Sky Barratt, Staff Writer

As the end of the semester is nearing, things are getting more stressful. Tests, essays, honors projects, and finals are climbing in numbers and so much of our time is spent preparing. When we aren’t poring over the books and clicking away at computer keys, we’re usually on our phones.


“Monument Valley” is the elegant and serene app you need. I’d heard of it a few months ago but just got to buying it a week or two ago when things got particularly stressful. The game creates a stress free, calming state of mind with stunningly beautiful graphics, piano-notes-on-a-windy-beach kind of music, and an intriguing goal. I may have gotten a bit addicted and played the entire game (except the bonus levels) in just a few days.


“Monument Valley” was created by ustwo games and follows the silent princess Ida on a journey through the monuments of a lost people. The monuments include fantastical architecture composed of sacred geometry that creates puzzles of illusions and perception. You meet a creature called Totem, the Crow People, and ghosts of the human race throughout the ten chapters of the game.


The game is played by guiding the princess, Ida, through doorways that lead to more monuments or to one of the ghosts as the story progresses. You can move walls and towers by twisting a lever or pulling on ridges. The game requires thought. Ida may be walking on top of a building, and then you twist something and now she can only walk on walls and she needs to be walking under the walls, so now you need to twist the entire building so that two walkways and form an impossible triangle over which you can lead Ida. It teaches you to find answers in places you wouldn’t normally look.




Next time you just need to chill out for a little bit, play “Monument Valley.” You can buy it on iOS or Android for $3.99, a wonderful price for its abundance of awards.


The serenity of sounds, shapes, and colors and the air of mystery will soothe you and leave you refreshed for your next bout of studying.