Boys soccer play final game of the season at miege


George Beatty

Senior Wyatt Palmer awaits the incoming ball from the goalie.

George Beatty, Staff Writer

The soccer team finished their season with a loss in the second round of the State tournament on Oct. 27 against Bishop Miege. The game was at Bishop Miege, and Stags were ranked first in the State for 1A-4A schools.

The night was slightly chilly and tense on both sides of the field with players battling fiercely for the ball on the pitch. The Stags got the upper hand with a 1-0 lead in the first half. From there, they scored two more goals by the end of the game resulting in a 0-3 loss for the Panthers. Senior and Soccer team captain Jackson Vander Ark explained,

“We lost because the other team was more skilled and played a better game on that day,” he said. “Nothing more, nothing less.”

In this case, defense was the best offense with the Panthers who were not able to keep the ball on the Stag’s side. After a barrage of attacks in the first half, the Panther defense wore down, allowing the first goal at the later part of the first half, and then two more in the second half. Even though they did not win, Coach Allan Chugg proclaimed,

“They played hard,” he said, “right up to the last minute.”

The game throughout was very physical with plenty of fouls and grass stains to go around. Fortunately, no one had any serious injuries.

Next year, the team will be young with 11 Seniors leaving the team, but Senior Sam Peterson is optimistic about the future team. Peterson said,

“It’s going to be a young team, and success may not come next year,” he said, “but I think they could be as good if not better than we [the seniors] were.”

With this last game, the KCC Panthers lose seniors Davis Gunnigle, Wyatt Palmer, Andrew Sotelo, Sam Peterson, Sam Coleman, Riley Dougan, Nate Streeter, Mitchell Paul, Louie Wrablica, Luke Kurley, and Jackson Vander Ark.