Volleyball takes on Regionals


The high school girls volleyball team hangs out during a game.

Hannah Denne, Staff Writer

On Oct. 22, the day of the Homecoming dance, the ACT, and a variety of important sporting events, girls volleyball took on Regionals at Valley Falls against McLouth. The games ended with scores of 8-25 and 12-25, both won by McLouth.

Toward the beginning of the first game, sophomore co-captain Camile Hardt made an incredible line shot, starting the game off on fire. Sophomore co-captain Rachel Rigler, in addition, made her first kill of the season from her spot on defense.

“At the beginning of the game we were neck and neck,” Rigler said, “Toward the middle to end, we fell apart and they beat us in both matches.”

This was a trend throughout the season. The team would begin strong, but then would fall behind a few points or shank the ball and become discouraged.

The team, totalling at 9 players, was entirely comprised of underclassmen, with the oldest players being sophomores. They can look forward to several more seasons together.

“I felt like it was kind of a growing experience,” freshman Kali Jenkins said. “If we had a lot of upperclassmen, we might not have gotten much playing time. We definitely grew in our skills and our friendships.”

The team hopes to continue to grow throughout the next few years.

“I am so incredibly proud of who they are, how they worked, and how they fought for each other this season,” head coach Meghan Ward said. “I loved watching them come alive as they improved and grew together as a team. I am very proud of my Lady Panthers, very blessed by the opportunity to coach them.”