Cross country boys team wins Regionals


Tracy Connealy

Boys varsity cross country team show off their plaque for their first place finish at Regionals.

Hudson Young, Staff Writer

The bus pulled out of the school parking lot at approximately 5:40 a.m.  For three and a half hours, the team dozed on and off nervously waiting for the race. Seats across the aisle were used as a foot rests as most slept until the bus successfully landed in Washington, Kan.

There could not have been a better day to run than Oct. 22. The temperature hovered around 69 degrees, accompanied by a nice breeze.  Everyone seemed anxious and excited as the team did their usual tradition of walking the very flat course together and warming up.

“There were a lot of teams and people there so it was high energy,” senior Maya Mastin said.

During meets, time usually goes by pretty fast for the runners. When the girls’ race had ended, emotions were high. They ended up in sixth place (unable to qualify for State).

“I felt like I gave everything I had in me,” Mastin said. “I’m really sad that it was my last race.”

While the girls got cooled down and relaxed, the boys race began. Parents and the girls cheered for the boys team, running to catch up with the runners along the course. On the side, the girls were counting to see what place the boys were in. They screamed when they saw that a few were near the top.

“We came out really wanting to win,” sophomore Cooper Rovenstine said. “We knew we could based on our previous runs.”

Senior Luke Rovenstine coming in first helped secure a win for the boys team. Sophomore Wyatt Browning got seventh, Cooper Rovenstine got 10th, junior Cooper Mumford got 14th, senior Joel Connealy got 16th, and sophomore Ryan Knernschield got 41st. A few of the runners even got personal records, including both Cooper Rovenstine, Mumford, and Browning. These accomplishments all summed up in a great finish by the guys.

Upon realizing the boys’ win, tears were shed, and hugs went around. Happiness appeared on the faces of team. Coaches Lisa Cowan and Micah Conkling beamed with pride.

“There was fierce competition all the way until the last mile.” Luke Rovenstine said. “When I did finally cross, I felt so proud of my team knowing that if I could win, they could PR and win Regionals, which they did.”