Booster Club hosts first Campfire on Campus

Senior boys fight hard for the tug of war win.

Mallory Mong, Staff Writer

With the fire going, chairs and tables set up, the students and their families started arriving one after another. While the choir was singing and the band was playing, everyone started to line up for hot dogs.

“There was a bunch of food, and most of my friends were there and it was really chill,” junior Ryan Jantsch said. “We just got to hang out and be together.”

This was the first ‘Campfire on Campus’ put on by the booster club and was definitely a hit. From kindergarteners to parents there was something for everyone to do. Tug of war, three legged bag races, and dinner by the fire. They had it all.

[My favorite part of the campfire on campus] was winning the tug of war,” senior Anna VanElders said. “And just talking to my friends.”

Towards the end of the night when it began to get dark marshmallows and chocolate started to take over the space around the fire. Soon it was filled with kids and adults laughing as the marshmallows would burn and fall off in the the fire.

“My favorite about the Campfire on Campus was probably the community and getting to see all my friends there and hanging out with them while eating s’mores,” senior Luke Rovenstine said, “Also I loved tug of war we really showed our superiority. The worship was great and the seniors tried to sell pumpkins, it was a very great time.”

They were gone in minutes. Unless you got there ahead of time there was no way there would be any left after all the kids had gotten to them.

“The pumpkin sales for the senior class mission trip and the s’mores, music, and worship, were really fun but the tug of war was awesome,” history teacher Deb Brown said.

The event hosted and put on by Booster Club was a success. Families can only hope to see the fire going and kids running around for the next ‘Campfire on Campus’.