Why dogs really are a man’s best friend


Mallory Mong, Staff Writer

Dogs are awesome. Whether mine is wagging his tail, barking at a squirrel, or lying by my side, I always know he is going to be there when I come home. All the little things he does always puts a smile on my face, even when he’s misbehaving.

When he chews up pillows or destroys foam balls that go absolutely everywhere, as he did yesterday, I couldn’t help but tell him that it was okay. But before that he was already rolled over looking cute so maybe I’d forget about the mess and focus on his cuteness. It worked. I eventually gave up on picking up the little pieces of foam and gave in to his tricks.

Junior year has brought a lot of stress into my life. And having my dog around to bring peace and happiness to me really helps with coping and dealing with everything that’s going on in and out of school. Nothing’s better than a furry ball of love to help you destress.

The reason so many people call dogs “man’s best-friend” is because they are so loyal, loving, and caring. My dog is more faithful than most any other animal and more faithful than most people, which is the sign of a true companion.

After coming home from a long day at school or work the first thing that’s waiting for me when I get home is my dog. He doesn’t judge how I look, care what I wear, and at that moment the only thing that matters to him is that I’m finally home and he doesn’t have to spend any more time alone.

There is only one living thing in the whole world that is so excited to see me everyday and that’s  my dog. He jumps and barks and nudges at me until he gets any sort of attention from me. That is a sign of devotion from a creature that can’t help but wag their tail and pin their ears down if you start talking in a higher pitched voice.

You can know you have a forever friend because of the way they look at you when you are leaving. Those sad, actual puppy dog eyes look to you as if the world has just ended because of you leaving. And because of those eyes you just know you have to stay a little bit longer even if it means making you late, which is probably the reason for me being late to a lot of things. Never underestimate the power of love from a dog. They can change a person’s mood in an instant which is truly powerful and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Dogs are amazing gifts from God that show us there really are creatures out there that put others first no matter what. It may sound weird, but we could learn some things from dogs, like loyalty and love. I truly believe that dogs are a man’s best-friend. No doubt about it. Dogs. Are. The. Absolute. Best!!!