See you at the pole: bringing love into a sin-filled world

See you at the pole: bringing love into a sin-filled world

Sky Barratt, Staff Writer

The air was brisk. Just enough so that your nose would turn slightly pink and a short sleeve shirt would have demanded a jacket. It was the perfect autumn temperature as the sun rose above the trees and lit the side of the school on the morning of Sept. 28.

“Yeah, go ahead and sit down, this is just a chill thing,” senior Hannah Peterson said as she strummed her guitar lightly in front of the school. Students slowly came and gathered around, just a few at first. By the end, there would be upward of 50, not including the few teachers that attended as well. In the years before, there had only been about 15.

See You At the Pole goes like this: students all across America meet at the flagpoles in front of their school and worship God while praying for the country, their school, their class, or anything else. It’s primarily for public schools where praying isn’t allowed; however, it’s a tradition practiced at private schools as well.

“This is something more meaningful because we can gather around the pole and pray for our country,” Peterson explained.

Everyone broke off into smaller groups where students would hold hands and pray before pausing as Peterson would lead everyone in worship; then prayer would continue. The atmosphere was reverent, peaceful, thoughtful. It was immersive.


Students break off into prayer circles
Students break off into prayer circles.

“I’m a big supporter of house church worship with an intimate living room style,” Peterson said. This was the energy that was channeled into that morning gathering.

Senior Damara Beck said, “I liked being able to worship and pray before school. It helped me quiet my heart and get ready for the day. I felt connected to God when we were worshiping, hearing everyone worship God and having communion.”

Students of all ages came together in prayer before school started, ages and grades unimportant. There were high schoolers, middle schoolers, and even a few elementary students, all holding hands and praying. Their voices mingled in song.  

“I think we felt like a family in that moment,” Peterson said. “It was cool seeing prayer surpass all those boundaries.”

Eighth grader Avery Spencer says, “I could sense that God was there and listening to every little prayer that every person said.”

Our country has been plagued with tragedies involving police shootings, riots, and terrorist attacks all throughout this year and to have students all over America come together and simultaneously pray for these things is powerful.

 “I strongly believe in the power of worship and prayer and I don’t think we talk about that enough,” Peterson said, “and there’s so many amazing things that can happen beyond our understanding even amidst national tragedy.”

Sophomore Nate Nelson said, “It was great to be in fellowship with other Christian believers because I believe that God is with those who gather.”
And that is why students crowded around flagpoles early on a crisp September morning, just as the leaves began to change to golds and oranges. So that together they could worship the Lord and bring a little bit of love into such a sin-filled world.