Discipleship program undergoes changes

Bible teacher Allen Chugg talks with his community group.

Bible teacher Allen Chugg talks with his community group.

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This year administration made many changes to the high school discipleship program. Instead of students meeting just in their discipleship groups every week, it is now set up to give students and faculty a variety of options to grow closer as a community. These options include community groups, culture days, and explore days.

“We made the decision [to change the discipleship program] based on feedback from teachers, staff, and students over the last couple years,” high school principal Ben Williams said.

Culture days were created to help foster more community in the high school. On these days, students have the opportunity to play games, go outside, or participate in other activities, like coloring, in some teachers’ classrooms. As the year goes on, other opportunities may be introduced.

“I like culture days because we play board games and ‘Apples to Apples’ is my jam,” sophomore Caleb Tywater said.

While culture days allow the student body to connect with one another through hobbies, explore days will be days where the administration will bring in guest speakers. There are no speakers ready to announce at this time.

Students and teachers are growing used to the new system.

“I really enjoyed last year connecting with my girls in my discipleship and it’s a little harder this year when I don’t see them as often, but I’m glad we’re exploring new things and giving students the opportunity to also do something different,” history teacher Deb Brown said.

Although the schedule is open to change, the basic format will be the following: community groups, also known as discipleship groups, will typically meet on the first and third week of every month; culture days will take place the second week of the month; and explore days will take place the fourth week of the month.

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