Two Sport Standout


Michael Holst, Staff Writer

Junior Cooper Mumford has played a significant role in both Cross Country and Boys Soccer this year. He is one of a very few amount of students who play two sports in the same season.

“I play soccer as my first priority,” Mumford said. “And run cross country in my free time. There hasn’t been a lot of conflict between the two, but I have missed a couple of cross country meets.”

Mumford thinks that he has gotten better at both sports by playing the other.

“I think they benefit from each other,” Mumford said. “They are both exercise so I’m improving physically from both sports.”

Mumford has been playing soccer since he was in Kindergarten, but this is his first year running cross coutry.

“My best memory from soccer was when my high school team (Free State High School) won regionals in 6A last year,” Mumford said. “It was a pretty big deal because we were not really a soccer school.”

Mumford has had challenges throughout his sports career so far.

“I’ve had concussions, sprained ankles, and pulled muscles all my life,” Mumford said. “ You could name the injury and I’ve had it.”

Mumford recently got inconclusive results on his concussion test that will keep him off the field

for a week after colliding heads with a player from De Soto.

Mumford explained how different cross country is from what he’s done.

“The races are really hard,” Mumford said. “I’ve never had to run 3.1 miles as fast as I can before.”

Mumford placed ninth overall in the last cross country meet at Ray Pec, which was the second best out of the runners from KCC. He also got second best from KCC at the Rim Rock cross country meet. He has also scored 6 goals this year, more than anyone else on the soccer team.

“My favorite goal this year was the one I scored from mid-field at Maranatha,” Mumford said. “I sized up the goal and ripped it into the net.”

Even with his focus being on soccer, Mumford is also looking forward to running with the cross country team this season.
“I’m excited for regionals this year,” Mumford said. “This team has a lot of potential.”