Freshman impresses with “track” record


Mallory Mong, Staff Writer

Coming in as a freshman Emma Wheeler has definitely proven herself as a strong competitor on the track team.

“I mainly run the 400m dash, 300m hurdles,” Wheeler said. “And occasionally I make runs to the snack bar.”

Throughout the season, she has consistently placed in meets. At her first meet in Central Heights, she placed second in the 300 meter hurdles. One meet later at Prairie View, she placed first in both the 300 meter hurdles and the 400 meter race. Then two meets after that at Tonganoxie, she placed third in the 300 meter hurdles..

The junior varsity meet at Prairie View has been her favorite meet so far. That time spent with just the freshmen and sophomores gave all of them a chance to bond with each other at the beginning of the season.

“At [the] Prairie View [meet] I feel like the freshmen and the sophomores really got to know one another and make quality memories.” Wheeler said. “I liked how every person was cheered on in their event and supported with their results.”

Wheeler has always enjoyed running whether it’s for a sport or just for fun. Both tennis and track require running, and Wheeler has no problem bringing her talent to the table.

“I’ve enjoyed racing for as long as I can remember. I joined the track team this year because in previous years I’ve never been old enough to compete.” Wheeler said. “Since my old school in Michigan only had a high school track team, I practiced with them but wasn’t able to race at the meets.”

Although Wheeler is only a freshman, she has realized that anyone can surprise you with their talent, but you also have to work at it to get where you want to be.

“I feel so grateful and blessed to have accomplished what I have done in track this year.” Wheeler said. “ I’ve learned to never underestimate any runner despite their age or experience, like my dad, who can still run faster than me.”

This season, Wheeler has loved every event she has participated in, but she also plans to try a few new events next year.

“Something I look forward to doing next year is trying more field events. I would like to try long and high jump and maybe even pole vaulting!” Wheeler said. “I believe I can stay prepared for track next year [and] continue to be active. There’s a large gap between my tennis and track season, and this year I’m going to continue to condition even if I’m not in a sport at the time.”