Academic Awards Ceremony


Bryce Johnston, Staff Writer

 KCC held its first high school academic awards program on May 9. The program featured the induction of new members to National Honor Society (NHS) and honored students who exemplified the mission statement for each of the academic departments.

New NHS inductees were introduced by current members who gave speeches that highlighted the ways in which the new inductees exemplified the four pillars of the organization: character, service, scholarship, and leadership. The new inductees include sophomores A.J. Adhiambo, Brayden Kern, J.D. Bickley, Sophie Kieffer, Hannah Breth, Ian Ko, Ethan Buresh, Joshua Kucera, Maddie Cates, Annelise Madderom, Megan Dixon, Elise Gamble, Graham Pierce, Olivia Price, Sophie Hill, Gabe Reid, Michael Holst, and Jessica Steggerda and juniors Paige Hardt and Patrick LaGue.

After the NHS ceremony, teachers took the stage to present their academic awards to the students who most exemplified their department’s mission statements.  Twenty-three students from 13 departments were honored overall during the program.

The recipients are as follows:


Freshman Sky Barratt and senior Leighton Burnett

Life Sciences

Freshman Ashley Heimann and junior Scout Barratt

Material Sciences

Sophomores Sophie Hill and Elise Gamble and senior Blase Pivovar

Social Studies

Sophomore Ian Ko and senior Bryce Johnston

Biblical Studies

Sophomore Michael Holst and senior Jon Swiastyn


Sophomore Olivia Price and senior Andrew Carnes


Freshman Hannah Denne and  senior Micah Blakeley

Computer Sciences

Sophomores Sophie Brock and Megan Dixon

Choral Arts

Junior  Nora Dooley

Visual Arts

Senior Josh Swiastyn

Instrumental Arts

Junior  Andrew Darlington

Physical Education

Freshman Emma Wheeler

Foreign Language

Freshman Hudson Young and junior Luke Kerley


Sophomore Jessica Steggerda and junior Maya Mastin