Q and A with Jackson Vander Ark

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Q and A with Jackson Vander Ark

Jessica Steggerda, Staff Writer

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When did you first start playing tennis?

“7 years old I would say, I would just go out to a local park near my house and I would hit with my dad.”

What has your KCC tennis experience been like?

“I think I’ve been really lucky considering the last few years I had the opportunity to play with Johnny Goodwin and Alex Kartsonis, and we’ve had a very successful last couple years compared to years prior to that.”

What role have you played on the team in the past two years? This year?

“Sophomore year and freshmen year I was more of a support role, and this year I would say I am more of a leader on the team, at least trying to be, just kind of encouraging the other guys to keep their heads up.”

What is your goal for the rest of this season, both personally and as a team?

“I would like to place top three at State personally in singles, and as a team, honestly, I am fine with wherever we place. It would be nice to place in the top five, but if we don’t do that I won’t be upset.”

What is your routine like before a match and/or tournament?

“Before every tournament I always have Chipotle the night before for dinner, and I have routine before a match: I just show up, try and stay loose, try not to overthink anything, and always tell myself that there is a way I can win no matter who I’m playing.”

What have you learned from your teammates and coaches in the last three years?

“I think I’ve learned a better sense of camaraderie than I have playing any other sport at the school, just kind of building a brotherhood with the other guys on the team and the coaches being a part of that as well.”   

What has been one of your biggest challenges as a tennis player in high school?

“My mental state in terms of staying positive throughout the duration of matches and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and not getting frustrated by week in and week out same practice schedule, same matches, and stuff like that.”


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