Freshman Highlight: Caleb Tywater

Freshman Highlight: Caleb Tywater

Maddie Cates, Staff Writer

It’s the 12th inning of what should have been a seven inning baseball game. It’s KCC against Sherwood and the score is tied 2 to 2. Freshman Caleb Tywater is waiting on the base with two outs. He’s on his toes, ready to score a run and finish the game. Freshman Nelson Schutte hits a would-be-walk-off, but it gets robbed by the opposing team, prolonging the game. KCC would eventually lose the game in the next inning with a score of 4-2. Although he was disappointed, it is games like these that make Tywater appreciate baseball.

“I just love games where everyone is going crazy and you’re tied or down by one with runners on [base]” Tywater said. “And then we get a hit and score and everyone just goes crazy and it’s so hype! I love it!”

Tywater really enjoys playing baseball because of the feeling it gives him.

“I get a good feeling in me when I’m [playing] baseball,” Tywater said. “I like the atmosphere and being outside.”

Tywater plays second base and has pitched a little bit for the KCC team this year, but he’s been playing baseball ever since Kindergarten. He credits his love of baseball to his dad.

“I think I just got into the game because my dad told me he was nearly going into the MLB draft before he tore his arm,” Tywater recalled. “So I just wanted to be like him, minus the tearing my arm part. I want to play baseball in college for sure! I’m hoping I get into a D-1 school but anything works for me.”

Tywater is a little disappointed with the team’s record this year because the score isn’t reflecting the work that the team has put into every game.

“We should definitely have a better record than we do. The record we have now doesn’t show how much talent we bring,” Tywater said. “We could easily have only lost one game this year. Every game we have lost this year minus [the game against] Summit. We have tons of young talent as well and I think the next few years will be [our] prime time.”