The (bat) boys are back


Caleb Barker and Brayden Burrow are joined by Nathan Connealy and Gabe Tywater

Mitchell Paul, Staff Writer

They’re in uniform for every single baseball game. They interact with the team and are on the field more than some of the players. And yet almost nobody seems to comment about them.

Of course, they are called bat boys. Other than a foul ball or a bat retrieval,  they seem to merit little notice. But, they actually play a crucial role in keeping the team a well-oiled machine.

This year, the baseball team introduced new bat boys. Fifth graders Caleb Barker and Brayden Burrow joined the team.

“I’ve really liked being a bat boy this year,” Barker said. “It’s been really fun just to be with the team. Sometimes I’ll make a joke when someone strikes out.”

The bat boys’ roles contain a lot more than meets the eye. Along with collecting the bats at home plate, they retrieve fly balls and keeps stats for the team.

“I really like doing game changer [baseball scorekeeping and statistics],” Burrow said. “ We don’t get to do it that often so it’s fun when we do.”

The bat boys were able to experience Kauffman Stadium up close with the varsity team.

“It was really fun to be out there with the team,” Barker said. “ We got to warm up in the bullpen and hang out on the field.”

The bat boys have already made several memories this year with the team.

“There was a game at Mid America, which is a park that doesn’t have any fences,” Burrow said. “A guy from the other team hit a ball straight at Owen Veer and I and it nearly hit us. It was so scary, but afterwards it was really funny.”

Fifth grader Brayden Burrow joins the team in warm ups at Kauffman Stadium.
Fifth grader Brayden Burrow joins the team in warm ups at Kauffman Stadium.