Improvement on the Golf Team

Peter Loganbill, Staff Writer

The golf team has become a close-knit group and is consistently improving as a result of each other’s encouragement.

“The not-as-good players have really been able to step up and cut down their scores,” freshman Cooper Rovenstine said.

Senior Connor Christians is playing golf this year for the first time, and he could immediately see his improvement, noting how important it is to focus when he walks up to the tee.

“The second day I was already better than the first day. I shot like 15 strokes better,” Christians said. “[Make] sure you’re taking every shot seriously, because the first time I was out there, I was just hitting it, and it was going all over the place. You got to take these shots seriously and make sure it’s going where you want it.”

The golf team is a group in which no one looks down on anyone else.

“You feel comfortable with everybody there,” senior Leighton Burnett said. “I mean, there’s not really any pressure. If you do something wrong, or do something bad, then you’re not going to get brought down for it.”

The team is led by coach Mike Bickley, a pastor, and the team agrees that he has brought the Lord into the game and has also helped them lower their scores.

“We pray before we do almost everything, which is awesome,” Burnett said.

Rovenstine also appreciates his coach.

“Coach Mike has helped the team improve by really really encouraging the developmental process of the team,” Rovenstine said. “He’s definitely developing us for this year and for future years so that we can go pretty far and win some meets. I’ve personally improved through Coach Mike’s lessons, and just through playing more golf, and the upperclassmen helping me out and telling me how to hit certain shots. I’ve gotten a lot better at tee shots, and putting for sure.”

The team is looking forward to finishing the season well.

“[The players] are really starting to hit it straight and focus on cutting down strokes,” Christians said. “The scores are improving.”