Cacao: an unexpected twist on traditional Mexican cuisine


Mallory Mong, Staff Writer

Cacao, a new restaurant that opened up in February, is is not your traditional Mexican or Tex-Mex joint, instead it is more of a fresh and simple approach to Mexican. Cacao has taken the place of the former restaurant that was shut down before, known as Kokopelli.

Hopefully Cacao will have as much or even more luck that Kokopelli did. It has a modern feel when you walk in. It is not the biggest place but it has a distinct character and class. The place is stunningly beautiful as you soak in the Latin atmosphere throughout the meal. Although the portions are small, the flavor is not.

The food is served in a timely fashion and customers around the restaurant can take in the flawless presentation of the food. No matter what you order the food comes out beautifully: street tacos or a seasoned shrimp dish they will both come out perfectly presented.

Cacao offers a variety of both upscale dishes and street food to provide a range of Mexican cuisine that flies with everyone. They put an unexpected twist on Mexican cuisine. If you’re looking for something different to try in the Overland Park area, Cacao is a place with a lot of style and a lot of flavor.