Tips for Surviving KCC

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Tips for Surviving KCC

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This is my third year at KCC and while I still don’t have all the secrets of this school figured out, I’ve learned a few tips for surviving another year with the panthers. This is a list of small tips that once I figured them all out have made my school years gradually get easier and more enjoyable than they already are.

1. Never, EVER, touch science teacher Mr. Belden’s banjo. I have only witnessed this happen once, and Belden’s reaction was like a mama bear discovering someone has touched her cub: intense.

2. If you have a lunch that must be heated up, get to the lunchroom AS SOON AS the bell rings. We all know how hungry we are when lunchtime comes and having to wait in line for the microwave feels like cruel irony. It’s like having a steak waved in front of your face while your mouth is taped shut: torcherous.

3. The water fountain in the kindergarten hallway has the coldest water. Since there are only five minutes during passing periods, and high school students should never be late to class, I’d save filling up your water bottle for before/after school and during lunch. Even then, don’t scare the kindergarteners in a valiant search for a chilly refreshment.

4. If you are having a bad day, administrative assistant Mrs. Payne and guidance counselor Mrs. Wade have stashes of candy in their offices to brighten your mood. When you take their candy though, curtsy or bow and say, “A hearty thanks for the confectionaries, your excellence.” Make sure you tell them you appreciate them for EVERYTHING they do in addition to the generous sweets.

5. This shouldn’t have to be said, but I’ll say it anyway: walk in the hallway like you are driving on the road! Every single day there are multiple backups in the hallway, and I know that we only have one hallway, but let’s all try to not resemble cattle as we go from class to class.

6. Don’t write papers the night before. I think almost everyone can say, “Been there, done that, ain’t goin’ back.” Nothing stinks more than having to use a whole night of sleep on writing a paper. Plus, waking up with bloodshot eyes is sure to get the response, “You look terrible.” And that’s never fun. But, c’mon, let’s face it, we will all most likely do it again.

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