Changes come to Powder Puff


Michael Holst, Staff Writer

This year’s Powder Puff and Old Spice day was a little different than last year. While everybody will remember that both days were cold, there were many differences from last year to this year.

This year there was had pizza; last year there was had hot dogs.

This year there were baseball and soccer games and a track meet afterwards; last year there weren’t

This year it was mandatory; last year it was optional.

This year, both of the younger classes were soundly beaten in flag football, but the games were pretty close last year. The junior girls won the championship this year but they didn’t last year.

Junior Callie Eldred, one of the predominate players on the junior team had a lot of fun playing football this year.

“I loved the competitiveness this year,” Eldred said. “It also felt really good to beat their class again.”

Also, this year, the football games were played on three different fields but last year they were all on the same one. There were also staff versus student, freshman boys versus Junior boys, and sophomore boys versus senior boys football games.

This year the freshman almost beat the juniors at volleyball; last year, it wasn’t even close.

The seniors ended up winning volleyball, and senior Jimmy Beatty recalled the experience.

“It was sad that the girls lost football so I knew we needed to beat the juniors at volleyball,” Beatty said. “When the ball hit the sand for the final point and I knew that we had won the game, I was super pumped.”

One thing that stayed the same is that most people seemed to have fun.

Freshman Faith Unruh enjoyed her firsts Powder Puff experience.

“It was really fun competing with my friends and against the other high-schoolers,” Unruh said. “My favorite part was the soccer game after all the events were done.”

Sophomore Gabe Reid was another student who enjoyed his experience outside of the Powder Puff and Old Spice games.

“I had fun standing on the sideline of the Powder Puff championship game,” Reid said. “It was really fun playing frisbee, and playing poison ball was really fun too.”