Q and A with golfer Nate Streeter


Bryce Johnston, Web Editor

Q: When did you you first start playing golf?

A: I first started playing when I was really young, I would go out every Sunday and play with my brother and my dad, but I really started getting into it my freshman year. I pretty much did it because my brother and my dad played. My brother and I would always play sports together and he would always go to the range, so I would just tag along and then I just ended up taking up the sport.

Q: What do you like about golf that’s different than any other sport you’ve played?

A: It’s different than other sports because every shot you take is going to be different. You can play a hole two different times and you can play it completely different each time, and it’s just like really unique in that way. There’s also not really any physical toll, you don’t have to run at practice you just kind of get to play.

Q: Who has influenced you the most in your golf career?

A: Three people I would say. My dad, coach Orwig–he coached my freshman and sophomore year and got me to where I am today–and professionally, I always looked up to Tiger [Woods] before he cheated on his wife a whole bunch. He was just so fun to watch, but now it’s more Rory McIlroy.

Q: How have you grown as a golfer these past years at KCC?

A: Driving distance has changed a lot. Freshman year I was the shortest driver on the time, but now I’m probably the longest. I think mentally, it’s one of my strong suits, I guess, because golf is almost 50 percent mental, so if you have your mental game down it’s going to be a lot easier.

Q: What role do you play this year on the team?

A: I’m not a senior, so I’m not a captain or anything, but I know the game pretty well, and if anyone has questions, they can come to me.  

Q: How do do you prepare for your tournaments?

A: We always go to QT on the drive out there, and I always get a Gatorade and two hot dogs, well brats I guess, but that’s my pregame meal. Then I go to the course and practice putting and hit about 50 putts or 50 makes inside of four feet. I go to the range if they have one, but I’ll take a few swings with three to four clubs in my hand just to get used to swinging.

Q: What’s your goal for the team and yourself for this season?

A: For the team, I want us to make State. We lost three of our top four from last year, and we lost Blase [Pivovar]; so yeah, for the team, our goal is to make State, and for me, it is to finish top ten at State.