What family means to me


Mallory Mong, Staff Writer

I have lived with my family for 16 years, which at this point has been my whole life, and the fact that I will be leaving in two years is scary.  I really can’t imagine living without my nosy, prying parents or my loud obnoxious siblings. Though there are times when I just can’t take my family’s craziness anymore, there’s nothing that could replace any one of them.

A family is what makes up your house, the people that welcome you home after a long day at school/work, the ones you know and love, and the ones that are always there for you even when you think no one is.

The family I have is really like no other, composed of a crazy, hysterical dad; a hard working, quirky mom; an intelligent, musical older sister; a witty, athletic little brother; and finally an adorable little West Highland terrier. And I can definitely say that there is no other family like mine.

I’ve never really given much thought to how lucky I really am  to grow up the way that I have.. There are kids my age and younger who don’t have a family at all. When I think about this it makes me realize that I should never take having a great family  for granted.

Family is a word that so many know, but only few understand. Everyone has a different meaning on what family is and what it means to them. To me, family is the greatest treasure in the world and something that is irreplaceable. I wouldn’t trade them for anything . Something I have learned this past year is that my family will stand by me in whatever I choose to do.

I made a big decision last year to change schools after my freshmen year at Shawnee Mission East. It was something that I might never have thought of had I not gone to CHIC last year with my church. Hearing about how everyone that went to KCC loved school and couldn’t wait to go back really made me think of my own situation at SME. The community that my KCC friends said they had just made me realize that i missed that at SME. I talked to my parents the all that night when I got back from the trip and while it was a difficult decision my whole family stood by me as I went through the process. And for me that defines my family, they are the people that stick with me through anything and everything.