Boys Tennis Starts Up

Allie Owens, Staff Writer

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The boys tennis team prepares for another season, ready to head back to the court after going to State last year. Their first practice, on Feb. 29, began with a run to Harmon Park in the chilled afternoon air.

Brian Miller will be coaching this season, his first season with the boys.

“I run them first, then we do yoga, then we work ground strokes, volleys and serves,” Miller said. “The last twenty minutes, we play.”

Miller is excited for the new season with new opportunities.

“I asked to coach the boys team,” Miller said. “Coaching the girls team last season makes me feel a little more prepared. We don’t play until the end of March, so we have time to improve.”

The boys are excited to have a new coach who brings enthusiasm and knowledge about the sport.

“Mr. Miller will definitely be a serious coach,” junior Jake Minet said, “but he still wants to maintain a fun atmosphere.”

Despite the loss of four out of six varsity players from last year, Miller has a positive outlook on the upcoming season. He has realistic prospects for the season and will attempt to improve and focus on skills while enjoying their team unity and friendships at the same time.

“My hopes for this season are to improve and have fun,” Miller said. “Our four seniors were State champs, so specific goals and expectations for this year are undecided as of now.”

The boys on the team are also aware of their lack of upperclassmen. Juniors Jackson Vander Ark and Mitchell Paul are the only two returning varsity players.

Spencer openly admits to their loss as a team.

“There’s a lot less seniors, meaning a lot less talent,” Spencer said. “There are no seniors, actually.”

However, Vander Ark says that the loss of seniors can also be seen as an opportunity to improve and further their unity.

“We definitely won’t be as competitive as we have been in the past,” Vander Ark said. “We will be a closer knit group as a whole, however, and I think that definitely allows for vast improvement. This is a developmental year.”

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