Spring into First Fridays


Chinese ink wash paintings were on display during First Fridays at the Crossroads.

Peter Loganbill, Staff Writer

If you are looking for hipsters in Kansas City, First Fridays is where to find them.

On the first Friday of every month, hipsters (and everyone else) gather because the art galleries in the Crossroads and antique warehouses in the West Bottoms are wide open. The art and antique pieces are for sale, and they encompass a wide range of styles.

Senior Josh Swiastyn attended the event last Friday and found it to be quite intriguing and enjoyable.

“We went to the Blue Gallery and there were some sweet paintings. We saw [alumnus] John Ochs’ paintings in there,” Swiastyn said. “I saw a really cool photo of [an] old man with a big beard and a cigar and an artist cap, and he looked like how I [want] to look when I [am] old. That was my favorite part.”

This last Friday, March 4, was the warmest First Friday event this year. With the arrival of the spring season, activities were available outside as well as in the galleries. Food trucks, retail stands, and performers were on the sidewalks and parking lots around the area. Restaurant’s outdoor seating was open and people were enjoying meals outside.

“It was the first time I [had] ever ate down at First Fridays. We decided to go to a food truck and it was serving gyros and a guy I was with said it was one the best gyros you can have in town,” Swiastyn said. “So, I spent seven bucks on a gyro and it tasted really good.”

This month, the Weinberger Fine Art gallery put art on display of an Asian style, including wooden statues and Chinese ink wash paintings.

Although they are open throughout the month, coffee shops downtown are happy to serve anyone attending the event. Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters and PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. are in walking distance from the galleries and provide excellent atmospheres to relax and discuss the displays.

So, at the beginning of April, if you are looking for something fun and interesting to do and you like art and antiques, head to First Fridays, you’ll never know what they will have down there next time.