Sneak Peak into the KCC Pep Band


Band teacher Trent Tinker lead the pep band this year.

Peter Loganbill, Staff Writer

The buzzer goes off. Band teacher Trent Tinker turns to the pep band and raises his arm. The band then begins to play classic songs which keep the action going in the KCC gymnasium.

“The principle job of the pep band is to get the crowd fired up,” Tinker said. “We’re there to keep a level of excitement in the crowd, and keep them pumped up between plays. [The team] is the main focus, we’re there to support them.”

This is Tinker’s second year at KCC, and he has enjoyed working with the pep band for basketball games . Junior Andrew Darlington has also enjoyed being a part of the pep band and appreciates the changes that Tinker has brought to the program .

“He’s brought a more broad selection of music,” Darlington said.

Junior Ross Unruh, who has been in the pep band since his freshman year, agrees.

“We’ve been getting a lot of new songs,” Unruh said. “[And we’ve] sounded a lot better than freshman year.”

Tinker finds excitement in digging into the music closet and pulling out old songs for the school band to play at games. He chooses the songs very carefully.

“A lot of them are old favorites of mine. I’m a big classic rock guy,” Tinker said. “I love finding pep band arrangements of old classic rock songs, like Smoke on the Water. A lot of them are just songs that I did in pep band when I was in high school that I enjoyed a lot. If it’s not a fun pep band song then there’s not much point in playing it.”

The band director is satisfied when he sees the fans enjoying the songs. He recalls one in particular.

“My favorite, hands down, was a lady from University Academy. Every time we were playing, she was up dancing, it was awesome. She was great,” Tinker said. “I love when the fans participate. When we do the Hey Song and they all join in, it’s great. If the people are clapping along, or tapping their feet, or dancing along, that’s great, that means they’re engaged in what’s going on and we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing.”