Teacher Throwback – Social Studies Teacher Ms. Brown

Teacher Throwback - Social Studies Teacher Ms. Brown

Peter Loganbill, Staff Writer

Q: Where did you live high school? What was the name of your high school?

A: “I lived in Fairway, KS and I went to Shawnee Mission East.”

Q: What did you typically do on a Friday night?

A: “It depended on what time of year [it was]. Typically [during the] fall, our football games were almost always on Friday nights, and so we went to the football games. We hung out at the McDonald’s on Metcalf. A bunch of girls would get together before the football games and we’d have [a] taco bar. It was fun.”

Q: What did the “cool kids” do at your school?

A: “Whatever I was doing. Yeah, pretty much that. Actually, a lot of the really cool kids, we were all involved in Young Life. And we really were. There was a different crowd that was a little bit crazier and faster. But, I guess we didn’t think they were the cool kids. So, it was mostly the athletes and the people that we ran around with.”

Q: Which extracurricular activities were you involved in?

A: “I was a varsity tennis player. I was the manager of the girls swim team. I ran track. Tennis was my [favorite], I really liked that. One year I was in band. It was good, except I was dating the drum major and we broke up, so I quit band.”

Q: Describe your interaction with your siblings in high school.

A: “My brother is three years younger than I am, and so we never went to school at the same time. Back then, it was just sophomores, juniors, and seniors, we didn’t have freshmen. My little sister, when I was a senior in high school, at 17, was only seven years old. So, it was more like I was her other mom. I do know that there was one teacher that I don’t think liked me very much, and so, my brother, when he had that same teacher, the guy said, ‘Are you Deb Brown’s brother?” and he said, ‘No.’ He thought I was a bit of a talker in class, one of those.  All the things that you guys do now, I probably did it.”