Junior verbally commits to play lacrosse


Scott Hasse [email protected]

Junior Callie Eldred handles the ball during a club game.

Mallory Mong, Staff Writer

College is one of the biggest decisions that students have to make. For some, it’s simple and easy to choose, but for others it is very difficult. For Junior Callie Eldred, her college decisions have already been made. Eldred verbally committed to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri this January to play lacrosse.

Verbally committing is a phone call with the coach [of Lindenwood] for an agreement to accept a scholarship opportunity athletically and academically,” Eldred said.

The fact that Eldred is has already decided on a college in her junior year of high school is very relieving for her. Her mind has been made up and she couldn’t be happier with her decision.

“It’s super relieving!” Eldred said. “My typical day was sending and replying to at least ten emails to coaches and I’m so glad that it’s done. It’s nice to know where I’m going, so I know exactly how I need to improve to lead Lindenwood to a national title.”

Though Eldred committed to Lindenwood, it was not the only college she had to choose from. She made her decision based on her love for the school and the environment it offered for students.

When I stepped on the campus I had a feeling in my stomach that it was the right place. I fit in perfectly with the team,” Eldred said. “The campus is beautiful and had more students than the other colleges, and I have a chance at winning a national championship on a really successful team.”

The lacrosse coach for Lindenwood, Jack Cribbin, also really cares for the athletes and their academics. They have academic support to help the athletes keep up with they busy training schedule on top of their school work.

The coach is really understanding and he wants the best for his players’ futures,” Eldred said.

Eldred’s training starts the summer after her senior year of high school, but the lacrosse season officially starts when she steps onto campus in the fall of 2017.