Scholars Bowl at Maranatha


The scholars bowl team waits in anticipation for the next question.

Michael Holst, Staff Writer

The KCC scholars bowl team had a competition at Maranatha last month on Jan. 21. They competed against nine other schools and placed fourth overall.

“I think we tore it up,” senior Nathan Beach said. “We did our best.”

The nine teams were split into two brackets; the top two teams from each would compete in a tournament. The first seed from one bracket would play the other bracket’s second seed team, and the winner of those two competitions would play each other for the championship. The losing two teams would compete for third and fourth place.

“Going into the tournament, we thought we could win that meet,” junior Joel Connealy. “I don’t think we took it very seriously, though. We were just there to have fun.”

Because they placed second in their bracket, the KCC team played the winner of the other bracket. They lost to them and played again for third place. They lost that competition as well and placed fourth overall in the meet.

“We definitely could have done better,” sophomore JD Bickley said. “Some of us, including myself, didn’t perform as well as we could have.”