Grease Live Review

The promotional poster for Grease Live

The promotional poster for Grease Live

Mallory Mong, Staff Writer

NBC has been known to disappoint when it comes to the live musicals they have produced in the past. Both Peter Pan (2014) and The Sound of Music (2013) were received with mostly poor reviews.

But, when it came to Grease Live (2016), which was produced instead by Fox, there wasn’t a part in the show that wasn’t perfect. They couldn’t have chosen a better cast member for each and every role. The scene/dress changes were smooth, hardly noticeable with everything going on around them; the fact that some scenes were one take was very impressive. You could definitely tell that the cast put a lot of time and effort into making this performance a memorable one.

This was finally the live performance I was looking for. It had my eyes glued to the screen. My heart was both beating out of my chest and beating along with the songs they sang. This was definitely way better  than I expected, especially how they incorporated a live audience, made due when it was raining. and even how Vanessa Hudgens, playing Rizzo,  exceeded expectations even after facing the loss of her father. Knowing Hudgen’s situation made watching the show so much sweeter. Also, all the cast members on and off the set, apparently, were super close and really enjoyed the time that they spent together. Even if it was just for the show, I could tell that they will stay close and keep in touch even after it’s all over.

I was in for quite a treat watching the Grease Live performance, and the balance between the live show and the original movie was effortless. The show seemed so easy for them to interpret, almost as if they had done it before, and the actors made it just as amazing as the 1978 movie. They brought the magic of Grease back, so no one will be forgetting about the original film any time soon.